SIGNIS is a worldwide association. Its members are national associations grouped by regions of the world. There are six regions: Africa, Latin America, North America, Pacific, Asia, and Europe, as well as an International Group (composed of international organizations). In addition, individuals and institutions can become associate members.

All the regions and the international group are represented on the Board of Directors that decides the policy of SIGNIS. The members of the Board are elected during world or regional assemblies.

The decisions of the Board have to be endorsed by the Assembly of Delegates. The Assembly is composed by six representatives from each region and the international group (2 members of the Board and 4 other representatives). The SIGNIS Delegates are elected during regional assemblies every four years.

The administrative headquarters of SIGNIS, the General Secretariat, is in Brussels. There is also an office at the Vatican, SIGNIS Services Rome, which provides technical and material support to church and secular organizations all over the world.


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Board of Directors

  PRESIDENT   Ms. Helen Osman USA   VICE-PRESIDENT   Fr. Paul Samasumo  ZAMBIA   VICE-PRESIDENT   Mr. Lawrence John Sinniah MALAYSIA   ECCLESIASTICAL ASSISTANT   Fr. Luis García Orso, SJ MEXICO   GENERAL TREASURER   Mr. Emmanuel Bonnet FRANCE   REPRESENTATIVE della Segreteria per la Comunicazione della Santa Sede   Prof. Nataša Govekar VATICAN CITY   SECRETARY GENERAL   Mr. Ricardo YÁÑEZ ARGENTINA/USA   DIRECTOR SIGNIS SERVICES ROME   Fr. Fabrizio COLOMBO VATICAN CITY     AFRICA   FR. Prof. Walter C. Ihejirika NIGERIA Fr. Alberto Buque MOZAMBIQUE   LATIN AMERICA   Mr. Carlos Ferraro ARGENTINA Ms. María José Centurión PARAGUAY   NORTH AMERICA   Frank Frost USA Pamela Aleman CANADA   ASIA   Fr. Joseph Anucha Chaiyadej THAILAND Dr. Magimai Pragasam INDIA   EUROPE   Mr. Ákos Lázár Kovács HUNGARY Mrs. Magali Van Reeth FRANCE   INTERNATIONAL MEMBERS             PACIFIC   Agatha Furivai Ferei             FIJI    
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Assembly of Delegates

AFRICA   President - Fr. Prof. Walter C. Ihejirika NIGERIA Vice-President - Fr. Alberto Buque MOZAMBIQUE Fr. Dieu-Donne Kofi Davor DEM REP OF CONGO Prof. Lino Pungi DEM. REP. OF CONGO Fr. Chrisantus Ndaga TANZANIA Fr. Webb Amouzou IVORY COAST Fr. Reki Mashayamombe ZIMBABWE   ASIA   President - Fr. Joseph Anucha Chaiyadej THAILAND Vice-President - Magimai Pragasam INDIA Bernadetta Widiandayani INDONESIA Seungwal Francis Kim SOUTH KOREA Adeline James   MALAYSIA Vi Cao Huang Tuong VIETNAM   EUROPE   President - Ákos Lázár Kovács HUNGARY Vice-President - Magali Van Reeth FRANCE Douglas Fahleson  IRELAND Joachim Opahle GERMANY Sr. Romana Kocjančič SLOVENIA Antonio Urrata ITALY Fr Abdo Abou Kassm  LEBANON   INTERNATIONAL MEMBERS   President -    Vice-President -                      LATIN AMERICA   President - Carlos Ferraro ARGENTINA Vice-president - María José Centurión PARAGUAY Jorge Juan Villa Quintero CUBA Lisa Bhajan TOBAGO Alejandro Caro CHILE Mónica Villanueva Galdós PERU Faroz Abdoelrazak SURINAM   NORTH AMERICA   President - Frank Frost USA Vice-President - Pamela Aleman CANADA  Sherry Brownrigg USA Fr. Edward J. Siebert, SJ USA Sr. Rose Pacatte, FSP USA Fr. Pierre Murray CANADA   PACIFIC   President - Agatha Ferei Furivai FIJI Vice-President - Bill Falekaono TONGA Jennifer Dulla GUAM Fr. Richard Leonard AUSTRALIA Conchita Pelleau NEW CALEDONIA Fr. Ambrose Pereira PAPUA NEW GUINEA
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SIGNIS has members or associates in approximately 100 countries in the world. These members are Catholic media professionals working in diverse fields: Public and Catholic television, community radio, communications offices, universities and colleges, video production, media education organizations, film journalism, global communication organizations, etc. In Africa: SIGNIS has national members in 23 countries in Africa, and one regional association: SIGNIS Africa. In Asia: SIGNIS has national members in 18 countries in Asia, and one regional association: SIGNIS-Asia. In Europe: SIGNIS has national members in 19 countries in Europe, and one regional association: SIGNIS-Europe. In Latin America: SIGNIS has national members in 14 countries in Latin America, and one regional association: SIGNIS-ALC In North America: SIGNIS has national members in 2 countries in North America. In the Pacific: SIGNIS has national members in 13 countries in the Pacific, and one regional association: SIGNIS-Pacific. International members: SIGNIS has 11 international members   Becoming a member/Associate:   What is the difference between a member and an associate?  A member has a voting right during the Assemblies, associates do not have this voting right Who can become a member?  National Catholic Associations that bring together institutions and persons that are active in journalism / audiovisual media/media education in a country. International Catholic organizations for communication, which are active in several countries in the world, and which pursue similar goals to those of SIGNIS. Who can become an associate?  Institutions, which are active in a country or part of a country, in connection with a national association for communication, and which pursue similar goals to those of SIGNIS. Persons, who are active in the fields of communication, in connection with a national association for communication, and who pursue similar aims to those of SIGNIS. What are the advantages of being a member?  What are the advantages of being an associate?  How to become a member or an associate?  Applying to become a member (with full voting rights): send an official letter to the General Secretariat SIGNIS 310, rue Royale 1210 Brussels - BELGIUM To become an associate: simply fill in the form to become a SIGNIS associate. We will get back to you very soon.
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General Secretariat

The General Secretariat of SIGNIS is the administrative headquarters of the association based in Brussels, Belgium. The Secretariat helps the members of SIGNIS throughout the world to achieve their mission by giving global visibility to their actions, by creating and animating a networking space for them and by looking after the heritage of the association. The Secretariat is responsible for issuing the publications of the association, specially the long-established quarterly trilingual (English, French and Spanish) magazine, SIGNIS Media and the Annual Report. It also looks after the web portal of the association and sends the trilingual electronic newsletters SIGNIS Webnews and a special one for the TV producers’ community. The presence of SIGNIS on two social media platforms, Facebook and Twitter, is supported from the secretariat as well. A great deal of the effort of the Secretariat is in support of those who attempt to give voice to the voiceless, to promote interfaith dialogue, to promote a culture of peace, to respect human rights, and to defend the integrity of Creation. The office in Brussels facilitates a vast network by providing trainings and resources for members to analyze better the needs and media preferences of their audiences. The members of the association are very diverse. Some work in pluralistic societies; others in traditionally Catholic countries, though many are going through great cultural changes in post-modern environments; others work in places in which Christians are minorities or even persecuted. Likewise, economic and cultural realities vary greatly. The Secretariat faces the challenge of supporting members in a wide range of situations, and must take its lead from the needs and priorities of those it seeks to serve. The work of the office in Brussels is organized in six departments, under the supervision of the Acting Secretary General, Ricardo Yáñez. The three principal departments are: Communication: to give global visibility to the members  Edgar Rubio, Head of the Department Guido Convents, Editor SIGNIS Media Jim McDonnell, Editorial team SIGNIS Media Pascale Heyrbaut, Layout Isabelle Verbrugge, WebEditor Marc Bourgois, Translation Béatrice Raphel, Translation Alejandro Hernández, Translation Pietro Licata, Mass mailing Members: to create a networking space for members  Secretaries of Desks Guido Convents, Cinema Jim McDonnell, Journalism Fr Fabrizio Colombo, Radio Béatrice Raphel, Media Education Isabelle Verbrugge, TV Projects Béatrice Raphel Alejandro Hernández Members Fabienne Deseau Marc Bourgois Documentation: to manage the heritage of the association  Guido Convents, Head of the Department Fabienne Deseau Pascale Heyrbaut Supporting the work of these three departments are: Administration: to look after human resources, accounting, office building, general services  Florentina Gonzalo, Head of the Department Fabienne Deseau, General filling Marc Bourgois, Apartments for guests Pietro Licata, IT Fundraising: to ensure the financial support of the association  Ricardo Yáñez, Head of the Department Jim McDonnell Edgar Rubio Representation: to look after the association’s relations with other international entities.  Jim McDonnell, Head of the Department Ricardo Yáñez
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SIGNIS Services Rome

SIGNIS Services Rome (SSR) evaluates, promotes and provides efficient communication technologies for use in the spreading of Christian and human values, especially in developing countries. The Service has helped launch or set up local radio stations, satellite telephone systems, audiovisual and IT equipment, solar energy systems, computer networks, Internet via satellite using VSATs (Very Small Aperture Terminals), etc. The Staff of SSR is: P. Fabrizio Colombo - Director Ella Cangy - Secretariate Lucio Mascaro – Accountacy and Vsat Sector José Alberto Chavez Del Rio – Radio, TV, IT Fortuna Ekutsu Mambulu – Project developper, communication and web services SSR provides many services in different areas: Internet: Thanks to the agreement with reliable and highly professional providers, SSR offers internet satellite connection that suits different needs. It is based on the telecommunications system VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal)   SIGNIS Easy Web: developed to facilitate the creation of specialized websites for radio stations, web tv, online magazines, multimedia, communication centres and Catholic institutions such as parishes, dioceses, universities, schools, training centres and hospitals. With SIGNIS Easy Web the making of websites for Catholic communication institutions will be faster, simpler and certainly cheaper. SSR offers its users the possibility of being mentored throughout the making of a website and provides personalized assistance once the site is built. CINEMA in a BOX is a complete system for film and video projection all in one box. It can be transported easily and allows people to organize screenings and discussions with easy-to-use professional material easy. SSR is also planning to offer in the database of this service, a pre-selection of films chosen by the SIGNIS Cinema desk and divided by themes and multicultural. Introductory files and guides for the debate and reflection will then be available on the website of SIGNIS. The service CINEMA in a BOX includes: Professional HD Projector, Audio system with radio microphone and mixer for debates, BLURAY / DVD and hard drive HD player for projecting any type of format, Widescreen for a true cinema experience TV Studio: Designed with the digital world and online in mind, the kit for television studios offered by SSR is cost-effective but can also produce and organize television content easily in line with world standards.The kit includes a playout system, a system of organization of the schedule and programme content storage in order to create a TV and video production of quality, and which promotes the visual identity of each organization in a professional way. SSR also assists in finding the right transmission systems for the TV signal following the increasing digitization of African television broadcast systems. Music in a Box: Music is an exceptional way to empower young people’s creativity. In addition, many associations and organizations are increasingly seeking the contribution of artists to transmit and raise awareness on social issues, health promotion, human rights but also to evangelize and express their faith. MUSIC in a BOX allows the client to have a high quality recording studio of high quality all contained in a rack box. Its portability allows installation in any environment. Designed by experts, artists can create record and finalize their productions. It includes: A digital mixer and a set of professional microphones for recording vocals and instruments, computers and monitors for all arrangements, editing, production and post production, a master keyboard for electronic arrangements, studio Monitors, set of headphones with their amplifier, sofware for professional recording, editing and mixing . Radio: Radio is the medium of communication for Africa par excellence and reaches every level of society. SSR has provided in Africa complete and ready to use radio studios since the early 80’s. SSR’s new studios will introduce new software for radio programming scheduling on a computer server. Adding an internet connection through VSAT and a streaming service, enables radio stations to use web radio and broadcast globally. Thanks to a VSAT system one can create networks to relay satellite radio thus enabling signal distribution nationally and internationally. SSR also provides advice for all the transmission equipment : transmitters and antennas. Journalism: The reporter kit: This kit is dedicated to all media people and journalists who travel and need to report and edit news or content on the way. This kit facilitates the broadcast of news on radio and tv or just to publish it on the website or social network. It includes: digital audio recorders, a HD video camera, a netbook for editing video and audio, professional headphones, USB keys and hard disk to store all the data and accessories to take your recordings in a difficult acoustic environment.
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