The organization built a strong tradition of writing and publishing on film which included reviewing, critique, commentary and evaluation and consumer information. With film journalism and criticism, SIGNIS is also integrating the field of cinema into media education.

Here is a glimpse of who our "Critics Team" is:

Peter Malone (Australia)Frank Frost (USA)Ana Lanuza Avello (Spain)Edgar Rubio (Mexico)


Guido Convents (Belgium)Isabelle Verbrugge (Belgium)Luis Garcia Orso (Mexico)Sergio Gúzman (Mexico)

Charles Ayetan (Togo)Alberto Ramos Ruiz (Cuba)Bernard Bourgey (France)Michèle Debidour (France)Blandine Brunel (France)

Valérie de Marnhac (France)Pierre Auguste Henry (France)Cindy Mollaret (France)Magali Van Reeth (France)



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