The echoes of the World Congress in Quebec invite us to reflect on the present and the future of communication, Catholic communicators and our association. While this meeting was a breath of hope for our work in the field of communication, it also raised challenges and concerns. How do we face the era of after truth ? What stories of hope do we need, do the means of communication need, and does the world need ? How do we build peace in the digital age? ...

In our third issue of SIGNIS Media we recount some of the most important moments of our World Congress in Quebec, where the above questions emerged together with a spirit of community, joy and faith in the future.

As the Nobel Prize of Literature winner Wislawa Szymborska’s poem goes: "The book of events / is always open in the middle", will depend on us, our daily work, be it local, regional or international. To see how we finish writing that message of hope that moved and motivated during the unforgettable days of the 2017 SIGNIS World Congress.

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