Reflections on scientific and technological advances in the field of communication have raised intense debates, characterized by the speed with which these changes have occurred. A clear trend is the convergence of all media into digital platforms where their contents are shared and seek continuous interaction with their audiences.

Hand in hand with the Church’s reflection on these digital environments, SIGNIS aims to be part of this conversation, to focus on the essence of every communicative process: its human dimension, the person.

From this perspective it is worth asking ourselves the following questions: How should human communication respond to the ethical demands of this new digital environment? Is a new way of approaching ethics necessary on behalf of the media?

Together with digital communication specialists Mat Tombers, Renée Hobbs and Jorge Hidalgo Toledo, we put forward in this issue of SIGNIS Media, a series of ideas and questions to build, from the Department of Digital Communication of SIGNIS, an ethical reflection that never leaves out the possibility of looking, listening and reading, the hopes and aspirations of people.

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