A history where thousands of stories have been born and grown, of little anecdotes that inspire and guide us on this path of hope. And it is this gift that, today, brings us together once more at our World Meeting.

For the third time on the historical journey of SIGNIS (OCIC-Unda), we will once again meet in Canada to celebrate, from the stories of hope of our members, the profound value that Catholic communicators have in a world shadowed by despair, fear, and post-truth. It was in 1962, also in Quebec, that OCIC and Unda celebrated, for the first time, a common Congress after 1929. Also, in 1998, in Montreal, both associations decided to merge to build SIGNIS. We are convinced that just as the previous congresses held in Canada, the meaning and future of our Association will be defined to a large extent, and it will also be for our World Congress in Quebec, a new milestone of hope in the history of SIGNIS.

In this edition of SIGNIS Media, we look at the history of Catholic communication in the United States and Canada, and continue to gather the stories of our members around the world.

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