Santiago de Chile, December 12th, 2017 (SIGNIS-ALC). The famous theater, film and television director, journalist and film critic, Juan Pablo Donoso, was elected president of the World Catholic Association for Communication, SIGNIS-Chile, for a period of two years. In the election, Musia Rosa Lobo, Film Specialist and member of the Art Critics Circle was appointed as vice president; and the film critic José Vicente Astorga as communications and press secretary,.

Donoso will lead the work teams, whose missions will promote activities aimed at young people and the community in general. Among these, the realization of film forums, workshops, seminars and conferences to promote the analysis of cinema from a critical perspective and as a means of communication and art are planned.

SIGNIS-Chile brings together journalists, webmasters, publicists, communication specialists and agents of pastoral communication.

After learning about the renewal of the management of SIGNIS-Chile, the president of SIGNIS-ALC, Carlos Ferraro, expressed his congratulations to the members of the new Board of Directors, of which he highlighted "the professional profile”. "Know that they have the support of SIGNIS-ALC, which in its executive committee also has Alejandro Caro, the former president of SIGNIS Chile” he added.