Brussels, September, 13th, 2017 (euractiv). As reported by, new EU Digital Commissioner Mariya Gabriel will set up an expert group this autumn on fake news as one of the first measures she is taking in the job.

Gabriel took office in July and is preparing to set up a high-level expert group to advise her on fake news, she told journalists on Tuesday (29 August).

She will also spend the next two or three months drafting a public consultation on fake news—a detailed call for feedback on specialised topics, which can often feed into new EU legislative proposals. But Gabriel said she has not made up her mind about whether there is a need for a hard law on the EU level to deal with incorrect news reports that are often spread online.

“It’s premature to talk about legislation,” Gabriel told reporters.

Gabriel said that she has so far only planned to open a public consultation and form the group of external experts who can advise her on fake news.

But she intends to “say very clearly that [online] platforms have a duty of care”, a legal term meaning that internet companies like Facebook or Twitter would need to take some level of action to monitor what their users post.

“For me it’s also very important to identify best practices, to identify very clearly a mechanism of coordination and figure out what we can do as the European Union: what is our added value in the fight against fake news,” Gabriel added.