Chiang Mai, October 24, 2009 (SIGNIS) - Augustine Loorthusamy has been re-elected for a new term as President of SIGNIS at the SIGNIS Assembly of Delegates that took place in Chiang Mai, Thailand right after the SIGNIS World Congress 2009.

The Delegates met from 22 to 23 October 2009 in the Empress Hotel in Chiang Mai to discuss on the future of SIGNIS and vote for their new executives. They decided to re-elect Augustine Loorthusamy (Malaysia) as President. Peter Thomas (Australia) and Gustavo Andújar (Cuba) also continue as the two Vice-presidents.

Most regional groupings of SIGNIS also met during the Assembly to elect their new representatives to the Board of SIGNIS. The new Board will be composed by: for Africa, Lino Pungi and Ralph Madu; for Asia, Lawrence John Sinniah and Delia Hernandez; for Latin America, Anamaría Rodríguez and Attilio Hartmann; for North America, Niquette Delage and Frank Morock; for Europe, Jos Horemans and Joachim Opahle; for the Pacific, Ambrose Pereira and Agatha Ferei; and for the International group, Marie-Thérèse Kreidy and Jude Botelho.