Brussels, 2014 (SIGNIS).Our primary function as an international Association is to connect media professionals with diverse experiences and competencies from across the world. SIGNIS members seek to find creative ways of using communications to transform societies and promote cultural development, building on their variety of professional experiences and rich cultural diversity.

At national level, SIGNIS encourages communications professionals to form associations. In Latin America, national assemblies in Peru and the Dominican Republic installed new leadership teams and SIGNIS Brazil held its first national Assembly in November.

SIGNIS Brazil was also one of the organisers (with the Brazil Bishops’ Conference and the University of Rio Grande do Norte) of the 8th Mutirão of Communication on the theme of Communication and Citizen Participation, held in Natal, Brazil, from October 27th to November 1st. This event brought together hundreds of communicators, researchers and social activists from across the country.

Also in 2013 some 100 members representing 13 SIGNIS regions in India attended the SIGNIS India National Assembly in February in Secunderabad, on the theme of “New Media for a New Generation”.

SIGNIS members, in different continents, hold regular regional assemblies which bring together the creative wealth of these regions. In Europe, for example, members met in Madrid, Spain in June for the SIGNIS Europe Assembly. They participated in workshops, and met with Catholic Spanish TV and film producers. They also elected a new President and team of delegates.

In June, two Bishops and 22 communicators from 10 islands and Suriname in the SIGNIS Caribbean sub-region met in Dominica. Two months later, at the Latin American regional meeting in Quito, Ecuador, members formally adopted a new name: SIGNISAmérica Latina y el Caribe, Asociación Católica Latinoamericana y Caribeña de Comunicación (SIGNIS-ALC) and elected delegates for the period 2013-2017.

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