Brussels, March 29th, 2018. (SIGNIS). Through its different communication platforms, and thanks to its worldwide network of communicators in more than one hundred countries, SIGNIS, the World Catholic Association for Communication, promotes Pope Francis' message to communicators and his call to live and spread the Truth.

Via various messages and content, including printed materials and publications on the Internet and social networks, SIGNIS seeks to generate a conversation about the content of the Pope's message for the World Communications Day 2018.

For this purpose, SIGNIS has prepared a series of questions that try to be triggers of this dialogue:

  • Pope Francis calls for a “journalism of peace,” and then challenges us to be instruments of peace to go beyond superficiality. How can I go deeper into issues and conflicts in my community, to help people better understand these issues?
  • Do I know the readers, viewers, listeners of the media I am creating? What issues matter most to them? How does our Church address those issues?
  • How can I commit to communicate the truth, when observing an event, revealing a story, or capturing an image, in the face of political, economic and even religious forces that seek to take us away from the truth? Who can I ask to help me?

As a specific product, SIGNIS makes available to communicators postcards that integrate the central theme of the World Communications Day 2018, Fake News and Journalism of Peace; with an illustration of the image that the Secretariat of Communication of the Holy See selected for the occasion, from the work of the Aletti Center, Adam and Eve, whose original is in the Sanctuary of Pope John Paul II, in Krakow, Poland; as well as a series of questions about the content of Francisco's message.

These postcards are available, in the three official languages of SIGNIS: English, French and Spanish.

If you want to spread this message using this product, you can print them here.