Brussels, March, 31st, 2017 (GFMD). The Migration Media Award will recognize and reward the excellence, relevance, and newsworthiness of up to 36 journalism pieces dealing with migration in the Euro-Mediterranean region in all its aspects. The award consists of winning an EU-funded contract to produce a new, original, longer, or more detailed, more researched content covering other aspects of migration or the issue initially dealt with. 

The award scheme was developed for journalists working on migration – it aims to support journalist excellence on migration in the Euro-Mediterranean region. Journalists or media houses based in either an EU country or an EU South Partner Country (SPC) are eligible to participate by submitting already published journalistic work together with a proposal for a further production. Both need to cover a migration-related topic in or around the Mediterranean, either as an entire region or in one or several Mediterranean countries.

Works may be presented by a media organisation or an individual journalist but the prize will be awarded to the journalist who created the work, the media organisation receiving the money and the future work that would be supported by the award would need to be done by the awarded journalist. The evaluation of all eligible entries will take place in three languages – English, French and Arabic – and in four categories – TV, radio, print, online.

The following are the main criteria for interested journalists to consider:

  • The already published story must have been published between 1 April 2016 and 31 March 2017.
  • The content of the entry must be related to migration in the Euro-Mediterranean region; the Migration Media Award is limited to the Mediterranean region in terms of its regional scope.
  • The entry must have been published in either English, French or Arabic. Submission of published work in other languages must be accompanied by a translation into either English, French or Arabic.
  • Evaluation will take place during April / May 2017 and the up to 36 winners will be announced by the end of June / early July.
  • The award ceremony will take place on 22 June 2017 in Valletta, Malta.

All further details and an online application form are available at

The deadline for applications is 9 April 2017.