Mexico, January, 15th, 2018 (Luis Garcia Orso, S.J.)In his recent Christmas message, Pope Francis petitioned that, “The birth of Christ the Savior renew our hearts, awaken the desire to build a more fraternal and caring future, and bring joy and hope to all.”

I believe there is no better way to begin this new year of 2018 than making these wishes profoundly our own, and to look to how we can make them a reality, little by little, day by day.

We members of SIGNIS want to help create bonds of communion, of support, of solidarity, and of communication, bonds that give rise to hope in the midst of a world in which there is so much division, discrimination, violence and war. As the Pope has said, “While the world is battered by the winds of war and an already outmoded model of development that continues to cause human, social, and environmental degradation, Christmas invites us to remember the symbol of the Child.”

Since the Word has taken our flesh to show us the road of life and to redeem us, we communicators also want our words to take flesh, to be living images, telling stories of hope, and offering with simplicity other ways to live. We commit ourselves to make 2018 a year of such communication, as SIGNIS celebrates 90 years since it began as Unda and OCIC.

May God bless us in all our work!