Lourdes, France, January 29th, 2018 (Delphine Allaire / Vatican News). In Lourdes for the 22nd International Days of Saint Francis de Sales, Cardinal Pietro Parolin proposed a reflection, nourished by the Epistles of Saint John, on the Christian interpretation of the truth applied to journalism, during his homily in the Basilica of the 'Immaculate Conception.

"The truth is what distinguishes information from communication". From the outset, Cardinal Secretary of State Pietro Parolin, argued the "complex" and "fundamental" character of the profession of journalist "for any free and pluralistic society". He drew on Pope Francis' keynote speech at the National Council of the Order of Italian Journalists: "Few professions have as much influence on society as journalism. The journalist plays a role of great importance and, at the same time, of great responsibility. In a way, you write "the first draft of history", building the news agenda and introducing people to the interpretation of events, "said the Holy Father in September 2016.

Enlighten the great parable that is the world

Thus, the journalistic work of interpretation is like a highlighting of events, which Cardinal Parolin formulates in these terms: "Our world is in a sense a huge parable that needs clarification at various levels of skill and quest. authenticity of the integral realization of the human being ".

Consequently, "scrutinizing the world, observing the news, interpreting it and identifying constructive initiatives", appears to be the duty of journalists, "especially those who work in the Catholic media," said the Secretary of State.

To measure the truth by the fidelity of the behaviors

"Aletheia" in ancient Greek or "emet" in Hebrew - etymological root of the liturgical acclamation "Amen" -, the definition of truth is repeatedly asked and studied in the New Testament.

In the light of the Gospel and the Epistles of Saint John, Cardinal Parolin therefore recalled that this intellectual concept of truth was more than a notion and an idea, but rather "faithful behavior". "If our behavior is not faithful, we are liars, a kind of" fake news "," he observed, adding that this path of truth necessarily borrowed by "a recognition of our limits" .

The revealed truth is an embodied truth

In this way, the journalist's ability "to look at the world and to pay attention to people" can contribute "to the advancement of God's reign," said the Holy See Secretary of State, recalling a key principle of the Christian faith.

"The truth for us Christians is not first and foremost a corpus of doctrines, it is a person: Christ. One does not reach it by proclaiming slogans or by applying principles, but by living in communion with him ".

The goal of beauty, good and truth

So what is the truth? To reach it and to live it, Cardinal Parolin invited to the discernment which, alone, makes it possible to transmit to the world, the "triad existential that form the truth, the goodness and the beauty" ...