Montevideo, August, 2nd, 2017 (SIGNIS). At the 26th edition of the international festival of cinema for children and young peopl, DIVERCINE, held in Uruguay, the SIGNIS jury awarded its prize to the short film Palabras de Caramelo, by Spanish director Juan Antonio Moreno.

Palabras de Carmelo tells the story of Kori, a deaf child who lives in a refugee camp in the Sahara Desert, and who wants to learn to write to express the thoughts of his best friend, the little camel Caramelo.

Palabras de Carmelo is a sensorial experience that invites the viewers to feel, see and listen through the world of the deaf and enjoy the beauty and silence of the desert. The world of Kori is unusual, since he has always lived in refugee camps and knows only the sign language. He must learn to write to overcome the obstacles of isolation and thus claim his right to education.

In its justification, the jury explained that "the subject was presented in a very interesting way, as well as the resources used to develop it. We particularly appreciate the fact that we are invited to listen to sounds from the protagonist's point of view and that we are invited to reflect on the development of relationships that do not require words to be lived with intensity. "

He added "in addition, we find striking and touching that a child who only wants to learn to write succeeds in doing so, so poetically. It is a film that makes us reflect on the problems of inclusion within our societies, which, through an original narrative form, conveys a message of perseverance in the face of difficulties. "

The Jury was composed by María Victoria Pígola (Uruguay), Liliana Silva (Colombia), Nicolás Fabiani (Argentina) and Vittorio Pilone (Uruguay)

Award of the Plan Deni Jury

The Plan Deni Jury, composed by alumni of the Art School 118 “Santiago Chalar”, from Minas, Lavajella, awarded its prize to the short film La invitación.

This short film reflects on situations that occur in the groups in which we live, where we discover that sometimes we are ashamed not to have certain things or that we secretly hide certain situations.The film reminds us that we should not be ashamed or lie about what we are and what we have.