Trento, November, 2nd, 2017 (SIGNIS Cinema Desk) - For the 20th edition of the Religion Today Film Festival, an International Conference of Spiritual Film Festival Directors took place in Trento (Italy), hosted by the Fondazione Bruno Kessler.

Launched in Barcelona (Spain) in October 2016, by the Observatori Blanquerna de Comunicació, Religió i Cultura and by the Direcció General d'Afers Religiosos of the Generalitat de Catalunya with the collaboration of SIGNIS International, the aim is to gather all the festivals' directors whose main themes are inter-religious and inter-cultural dialogue through cinema. In a time when the explosion of violence in the heart of Europe requires actions aimed at sharing experiences and living together. The conclusion was to build a network to link those festivals for reflexion on a trans-national scale on the relationship between autonomy, politics, law, culture and religious diversity.

After a welcoming speech from Maria Chiara Giorda from the Fondazione Bruno Kessler in Trento, the floor was given to Serbian director Goran Radovanovic, on how his wartime experience changed his way of making films. He is a strong believer that fiction can bring dialogue to divided communities. SIGNIS presented its work in Ecumenical and Inter-faith juries throughout the main professionnal film festivals worldwide.

Then the directors of those 9 different events presented their festival:

Fresco Film Festival (Yerevan, Armenia)

Kirchliche Filmfestival (Recklinghausen, Germany)

Popoli e Religioni Film Festival (Terni, Italy)

Dhaka International Film Festival (Dhaka, Bangladesh)

Pitigliani Kolno’a Festival (Roma, Italy)

Prix Farel, (Neufchâtel, Swizterland)

Egyptian Film Awards - Catholic Film Center (Cairo, Egypt)

Watersprite Film Festival, (Cambridge, United Kingdom)

Jewish Film Festival, (Jerusalem, Israel)

Religion Today Film Festival (Trento, Italy)

And other members of this network would couldn't attend this meeting are :

Mostra de Cinema Espiritual de Catalunya (Catalogna, Spain)

ARFECINE (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Insight Film Festival (United Kingdom)

Festival internacional de Cine con valores (Mexico)

Through the art of cinema, this diversity of events, venues and cultural backgrounds is helping audience to broaden their views on social issues and migration. By focusing on our commun grounds and emotions, it helps us to build a culture of peace in our everyday life.

A common statement was written and approuved by all the participants of this network. The next meeting will be organized by SIGNIS and the Cinema Desk in the second half of 2018.

Please find below the results of the discussions (PDF document).