Monte Carlo, July, 5th, 2017 (SIGNIS). The Monte-Carlo Television Festival took place from June 16-20 in Monaco. The SIGNIS Jury has awarded « A part of us » (Ein Teil Von Uns) by Nicole Weegmann.

The Jury said that “this film touches one of the growing problems in our western societies: taking the responsibility for the elder or the disabled in the family.  In Ein Teil von uns, a mother who has a psychological problem is a burden not only for her family but also for the professional institutions who want to help her. The mother lives like a homeless, who drinks and begs for money and food. We see the moments when the daughter loses ‘faith’ in herself. She always had taken care of her mother and her younger brother but the burden becomes too much.”

The SIGNIS jury was composed by Martina Mariachiara (Italy), Isabelle Verbrugge (Belgium), Guido Convents (Belgium), Dominique Gerbaud (France) and Edgar Rubio (Mexico).

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