Zlin, June, 6th, 2017 (SIGNIS/INTERFILM). The Ecumenical jury at the 57th international film festival for children and youth in Zlin (Czech Republic) awarded the Indian film Half Ticket. It also gave a commendation to Railway Children, by Príthvi Konanur.

Half Ticket, Sami Kakkad, India 2016, 100’

Half ticket tells the story of two young brothers struggling to make a living in the Mumbai slum and still find beauty and joy in life without losing their dignity. The story seen through the eyes of the children unfolds as a fable with visual poignancy in beautifully shot scenes which are laden with metaphorical imagery and contemporary issues, an intriguing soundtrack and touching characters. It shows love prospering in the midst of poverty and how a creative and hopeful approach to life can make all the difference.

Railway Children, Príthvi Konanur, India 2016, 115’

Railway children tells the story of twelve years old Raju who escaped from home and tries to survive on the railroad tracks of Bangalore in the midst of violence, sexual abuse, corruption and drugs. Konanur depicts Raju’s life in a realistic, uncompromising style but all the same hope lingers within the dreariness because there are people who care and Raju knows how to stand up for himself.


The jury members were Samuel Petit  (France), Dagmar Petrick  (Germany), President and Joel Ruml (Czech Republic)