Milan, October, 6th, 2017 (SIGNIS). At the 69th Prix Italia in Milan, the Jury SIGNIS awards the South Korean documentary “Future Human: AI”, by Lee Dong-hee and Lee Kyu-chul. This international competition, organised by RAI, awards the best in Radio, TV and Internet programmes.

The SIGNIS Jury said that “in a world constantly trying to understand itself, ‘Future Human: AI’ provides us a striking scenario of how robotics is changing our lives and our values. It offers us some ideas of what to expect from an uncertain, but fascinating future and makes us wonder what does it mean to be a human being.”

The jury also gave a special commendation to “A family affair (NPO, Netherlands). The jury wanted to highlight that “this film shows once again, through a very touching story, what a crucial role plays family in shaping one’s life.”

The jury was composed of Mariachiara Martina (Italy), Ennio Terrasi Borghesan, (Italy), Lukas Jirsa (Czech Republic - President)