Chennai, March, 10th, 2017 (ANS). The National Festival of Short Films "Don Bosco Youth Film Festival of India" (DBYFFI) was recently held in India. The short film "Saavat" by Swapnil Rajashekar, was awarded the prize for the Best Film among the 24 participants selected for the competition.

DBYFFI, organised by the Salesian Provincial Conference of South Asia (SPCSA) together with Don Bosco Communications, South Asia (BOSCOM), presented budding filmmakers with a unique attempt to showcase the aspirations of the youth, the challenges and the struggles they go through and their issues and concerns through these short Films. Networking in 100 venues spread over 19 states, the idea was to reach out simultaneously to lakhs (hundreds of thousands) of young people. Most of the participants were youngsters associated with Don Bosco (DB), DB alumni and film lovers.

Fr Harris Pakkam, Director of the Don Bosco Youth Film Festival said that it was a huge success, as nearly 500,000 youth from across the country attended the festival. The films were to challenge, inspire and motivate youngsters for social change” he said.

“Saavat”, a 24-minute production, is a rural-based film about the vulnerability of the girl child; and the uphill battle that a girl child faces even today to be literate. It tackles also the impact that certain barbaric events, like rape, have on the psyche of victims.

“Paywat”, directed by Mithunchandra Choudhari, won the runner-up award. Like “Saavat”, this film focuses on the plight of the girl child. It revolves around the protagonist Mayidi, the daughter of a landless laborer who focuses on education despite severe financial hardships.

“Backbone” a film by Karunakaran C finished in third place. The 21-minute long plot revolves around an aged farmer who was forced to sell his land to clear his debt. Poverty forces him to move to a larger town in search of a job.

In the best child artist (male) category, Chandra Kiran claimed top honours for his performance in “I did it”, while Vaishnavi Tangade won the award for best child (female artist) for her performance in “Paywat”.

Ms Sabrina Alathi, Coordinator of DBYFFI declared: “We received 248 short films from 24 states across India, of which the Preliminary Jury committee selected 24 short films for screening. Every film portrayed the idea of celebrating life, youth and the spirit of patriotism. The Final Jury Panel selected the Best 3 films, and also chose 10 short films under various categories. It was truly an extraordinary experience of influencing the youth across the Nation.”

Film is a powerful medium that can communicate, educate, elevate and inspire the viewers. The theme of the film festival was the celebration of the spirit of youth in a positive and inspiring way, narrating stories of young people who face challenges and struggles of life with courage, determination and faith to emerge as inspiring individuals.