Brussels, November, 10th, 2017 (SIGNIS). The POPOLIeRELIGIONI Festival welcomes this year, and for the first time, a SIGNIS jury composed of three members.

 Continuing the mission of OCIC (International Catholic Organization for Cinema) established for more than 80 years, SIGNIS has a constant presence with professional film organizations through juries present in the biggest international film festivals, as well as in more modest events, but equally dedicated to the cinema and more in touch with the local populations.

The members of these juries are Christians committed to a life of faith and knowledgeable film buffs. They award a prize to a film to highlight its artistic qualities and the values ​​it conveys, which allow believers and non-believers to better understand the world in which we live in.

For its 13th edition, the POPOLIeRELIGIONI Festival, which will take place in Terni in Italy from November 11 - 19, 2017, invited a SIGNIS jury to award a prize to a film from the official competition.

Set up by the Institute of Theology and Social History and with the support of the Diocese of Terni, the POPOLIeRELIGIONI Festival is a partner of the La Salette Sanctuary Film Days (France) and the SacrOfilm Festival in Zamosc (Poland).

For this first SIGNIS jury, the members are Father Antonio Ammirati (Italy), Father Marek Lis (Poland) and Magali Van Reeth (France).