Buenos Aires, June 13th, 2018 (SIGNIS Argentina). At the 4th International Environmental Film Festival (FINCA), SIGNIS-Argentina has decided to award its prize to Chaco, by Juan Fernández Gebauer, Ignacio Ragone and Ulises de la Orden.

In its justification, the jury explains that the film "denounces the subjugation suffered by the indigenous peoples of southern Formosa, a region in northern Argentina, whose lands are looted, and the waters are polluted." The jury adds that "this is a recurring theme in many other Latin American communities. This documentary presents in a committed way the way of life and the struggle of these native populations. Their justified demands must deal with the harassment of the security forces, in Formosa itself or in Buenos Aires. "

The members of the SIGNIS-Argentina jury were Miguel Monforte, Nicolás Battle and Blanca María Monzón.