Cottbus, November 13th, 2017 (SIGNIS / INTERFILM). Anna Jadowska's film Dzikie Roze (Wild Roses) was awarded the Ecumenical Jury Prize at the 27th Cottbus Film Festival, a film event that brings together productions from Eastern Europe.

To justify the award, the Ecumenical Jury noted that "through impressing cinematography and accomplished performances, director Anna Jadowska tells the story of a young woman fighting to overcome her fears for her surroundings.  The film values her individual choice to take responsibility for herself.”

This film tells the story of " Ewa, who is only 27 years old and, yet she’s already deeply scarred by life.  After a stay in a clinic she returns home to her two children, only to be cursed by her six-year-old daughter.  Her husband recently spent six months on a business assignment in Norway and now the two live almost separate existences.  As if the above weren’t enough she is the object of local minor Marcel’s passionate advances, and she struggles to keep a clear head amongst the emotional chaos.  And then her two-year-old son disappears.”

The ecumenical jury, appointed by SIGNIS and Interfilm, was composed by Joël Friso (Netherlands, president), Pierre-Auguste Henry (France), Lothar Strüber (Germany) and Irena Pavlovic-Zeltner (Germany).