Barcelona, ​​November 14th, 2017 ( This year, the festival will present 20 films and a short film and will be held from 15 to 30 November in 12 Catalan cities.

In the programming, the cycle dedicated to the American film director Terrence Malick stands out; as well as the presence of films by directors such as Martin Scorsese or Mel Gibson; "Films that make visible different religious traditions and others that have as a thread the great aspects that concern humanity: life and death, love and war, freedom, disease, refugees, justice and solidarity."

The “cineforum” format allows the presence of sixty specialists in the world of cinema, university professors, journalists and members of different religious denominations, who present the films and conduct the subsequent debates.

For the organizers, "the 69 projections planned in 30 theaters, spread over 12 cities, show year after year the success and consolidation of this cycle among the main festivals and film shows in Catalonia. On the other hand, the celebration of the second meeting of directors of spiritual film festivals around the world and the participation this year in the Religion Today Film Festival of Trento reaffirm their positioning at the international level. "

Without a doubt, they say, "the exhibition will be a showcase for religious diversity, coexistence and interreligious dialogue."

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