Havana, Cuba, July 17, 2017.- The Cinematheque of Cuba and SIGNIS-Cuba inaugurated the cinematographic exhibition "El cine argentino". The event was attended by the Consul of Argentina, Pablo Cataneo, who thanked the joint initiative and noted that this exhibition of Argentinean cinema of the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s; was the largest ever exhibited in any country, with a total of 53 feature films and other materials.

In the inaugural ceremony, Jorge Villa, who was the first director of SIGNIS-ALC, was responsible for the presentation of the cinematographic exhibition, with the presentation of the documentary Por siempre Libertad, directed by Cuban director Ruben Lavernia, based in Miami, dedicated to the singer Libertad Lamarque. The program also included the movie Madreselva, by Luis César Amadori, made in 1938 and played by the Argentinean diva.

The specialist and programmer of the Cinematheque of Cuba, Antonio Mazón Robau, expressed his gratitude to SIGNIS-Argentina, especially to his Vice President Miguel Monforte, who managed to unite in a fraternal meeting with Jorge Villa with the director of the documentary Alfredo Alcon, Julio Uyua, who will kindly donate a copy of it for a screening during the event.

The opening ceremony of the event was also attended by the Argentinean Ambassador to Cuba, Luis Eugenio Bellando; and officials of the Cuban Institute of Cinema and Art (ICAIC) as well as members of the Diplomatic Corps of the Embassy of Argentina.

This joint event between the Cinematheque of Cuba and SIGNIS is organized for the first time in 57 years.