La Havana, December 18th, 2017 (SIGNIS). At the 2017 Havana Film Festival, the SIGNIS jury has awarded its Prize to the Brazilian film Aos teus olhos (Liquid Truth), directed by Carolina Jabor (2016).

The film highlights the human complications and dangerous consequences that can occur from the malicious misuse of social media. The jury explained that “the director delicately walks the thin line of truth taking the audience on a journey of perspective – did the protagonist do what he is accused of or didn’t he?”. The truth is neither black nor white but a shade of grey instead.  A young man’s life and reputation is turned to shambles by a simple accusation made by a person with their own selfish motivations.

The jury also has awarded a Commendation to the film Plaza Paris, directed by Lucia Murat (Brazil, Portugal, Argentina, 2017)

“A psychoanalytical study of countertransference between a foreign student in Brazil and a university employee from one of the favelas.”
The members of the SIGNIS Jury were Douglas Fahleson (Ireland), Frank Padron (Cuba) and Aristides O’Farrill (Cuba).