Wroclaw, May, 19th, 2017 (IFFN). The International Film Festival Niepokalanów (IFFN), Wroclaw, Poland will be held in Wroclaw from 22nd till 27th October 2017. Its aim is to serve the promotion of universal values and attitudes that are in accordance with the Bible. The overall objective of the Festival is an overview of Polish and world achievements in the field of film inspired by the values drawn from the Gospel.

Three main categories are presented at the festival: the best narrative film competition, film screenings for young people along with a youth competition and showings of films which changed or greatly influenced people’s lives. The latter includes the films which are chosen by famous people from the world of culture – special guests of the Festival.

2016 year’s "Niepokalanów" Festival was exceptional for many reasons. First time in the history Festival has a place in Wroclaw and was organized by St. John Paul II Vide et Crede Foundation and Monastery of Franciscan Fathers from Niepokalanów. There were 16 film showings during the Festival. The screenings and the concert were attended by almost 2000 viewers. The meetings with remarkable film authors and the topics discussed there regarding their spiritual experiences, professional achievements and the issues that the films were devoted to, testified to the prestige of this event. A new formula of the Festival, drawing from the experiences of Franciscan Fathers from Niepokalanów, made it fill the gap consisting in the lack of a Catholic film festival of such a great potential on the Polish cultural scene, which was emphasized by our guests and the audience during meetings. There are subsequent editions of this event ahead of us and in the meantime we also have other single festival events.

For the 2017 edition, find all the useful information on the website.