Buenos Aires, April 23rd, 2018.- SIGNIS, the World Catholic Association for Communication, has been participating since 2002 in the BAFICI (International Independent Film Festival of Buenos Aires). The SIGNIS jury, composed by Isabel Gatti, president of SIGNIS Argentina and communications researcher, Natacha Mell, documentary filmmaker and film researcher, and Gustavo Winkler, film director and producer, gave an award in the international competition.

The festival offered an excellent program, including productions from other cultural contexts, which do not always reach Argentina. It is important to note that the activities were conducted in 36 locations in the city of Buenos Aires.

The films awarded by SIGNIS are:

SIGNIS Award: Village Rockstars (by Rima Das, India) for highlighting the power to overcome the adversities of the protagonist community. The realization is very aesthetic, the images succeed in poeticizing the environment. In addition, the natural and sensitive performances of the actors show the world from the point of view of a girl, her friends and her family.

The Special commendation was given to Tropical Virus (by Santiago Caicedo, Colombia). In its justification, the jury explained that “it shows with creativity and excellence a contemporary family history. The impeccable animation technique adds a substantial contribution to the film history.”

Isabel Gatti, president of SIGNIS-Argentina said that "these experiences of dialogue with the world of culture, in this case with the cinema industry, enrich us beyond belief. "

For her part, Natacha Mell said that "this 20th BAFICI has maintained the spirit of independence of previous editions and was perfectly organized. It was a great experience that goes beyond the task of creating links between us."

Finally, Gustavo Winkler stated that "this edition of the BAFICI has been marked by great technical and aesthetic coherence, daring to discuss themes and new stories from around the world. "