Nyon, April, 23rd, 2018 (SIGNIS/INTERFILM). At the International Film Festival Nyon “Visions du Réel” 2018, the interreligious jury awarded “Almost Nothing”, by Anna de Manincor (2018).

The Jury explained that: “Religious affiliation or nationality seem to be of no importance at CERN”. “Nevertheless, it adds, the film shows in a most convincing manner how the search for the meaning of life unites the scientists even into the smallest particle. The film succeeds in picturing the human being behind science in a humorous way and at a high level. At the same time the film shows those human beings in an unexpected religious context.”

The jury also gave a special commendation to the film “Stories of the Half-light” (Storie del Dormiveglia), by Luca Magi (Italy, 2018).

The jury awarded this “poem-like film that gives the human beings who are nearly voiceless a voice and gives them back their dignity.”

An interreligious jury by SIGNIS and INTERFILM have been present at the Festival Visions du Réel in Nyon (Switzerland) since 2005. The jury includes a representative of a member of INTERFILM and SIGNIS and a member of Jewish and Muslim faith.

The jury awards a feature-length film of the international competition and possibly a commendation that sheds light on existential, social or spiritual questions as well as human values. The prize of CHF 5’000 is donated by both the Swiss Catholic Church and Médias-pro, the Media Department of Reformed Churches in the French-speaking part Switzerland (CER), and the Swiss Federation of Jewish Communities.

The members of the interreligious jury 2018, nominated by the Swiss representatives of SIGNIS and INTERFILM, are Praxedis Bouwman (The Netherlands), Natalie Fritz, (Switzerland), Majid Movasseghi, (Switzerland) and Daniel Zuta (Germany)