Warsaw, October, 23rd, 2017 (SIGNIS/INTERFILM).The Ecumenical Jury, appointed by SIGNIS and INTERFILM, at the 33rd International Film Festival Warsaw awards its prize to the film Beyond Words, by Urszula Antoniak (Netherlands, Poland, 2017).

The jury gives its award to the film to honour its high artistic quality. “The performance of the two principle actors and the impressive use of black and white photography stand out”, said the jurors. “The film creatively reflects on the global issue of migration and the complex relationship between Poland and Germany. It underlines the value of human dignity, and specifically the Christian concept of forgiveness.”

The jury also gave a commendation to Rudar (The Miner) by Hanna Slak (Slovenia, Croatia, 2017).

“The Miner is a multilayered story with great historic relevance”, says the Jury. “The script is well-developed and through its dramatic moments allows the viewer to identify deeply with the hero. It thrusts a strong takeaway message at the audience that sometimes the right thing to do is to go against what is accepted; sometimes the right thing to do is to disobey.”

The members of the Jury are Heinz-Martin Krauss (Jury President, Germany), Charlotte Timmermanns (Belgium) and Witold Kawecki (Poland)