Trento, October 23rd, 2017 (SIGNIS). This year, the Italian film festival Religion Today celebrated its 20th anniversary. For the occasion, SIGNIS gave a special prize to the English film The Chop, by lewis Rose. The jury also awarded the Italian film vedete sono uno di voi, and the Kazakh one Oralma.

For the “20th anniversary” prize, SIGNIS awarded the English film The Chop, by Lewis Rose, which tells “the adventures of a kosher butcher, where intercultural and intergenerational issues are handled in a comical manner. The protagonist of the film understands that what he considers a foreign and hostile culture is actually very similar to his own. He discovers a concrete way to overcome differences.”

The SIGNIS jury gave its prize to the Italian film vedete sono uno di voi (you see, i'm one of you), by Ermanno Olmi.

A documentary that summarizes Ermanno Olmi's amazing career and offers a portrait of Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini as an emblematic figure of the contemporary Catholic Church and Italian society. The jury said that the film is “A work that moves you emotionally and where all the technical aspects give rise to a film of clear and deep poetry.”

The Jury also gave a special commendation to Returnee (Oralma), by Sabit Kurmanbekov.

The jury said that Returnee is “an uplifiting film in the background of the wonderful stories of Central Asia where the love of a son for his father is more important than his own life.” If in the heart of every refugee there is a desire to return to their fatherland, in order to do so it's necessary to travel along a hard path that does not always lead to the promised paradise.

The jury members were Matteo Asti (Italia), Guido Convents (Belgium), Blanca María Monzón (Argentina) and Magali Van Reeth (France).