Toulouse, March 26th, 2018 (SIGNIS). At the 30th Cinélatino Rencontres de Toulouse, the SIGNIS jury gave its prize to “Primas”, a documentary by Laura Bari (Canada – Argentina).

Primas tells the story of Rocío, an 18-year-old Argentine girl. When she was 10, she was dragged from her bike by a passing stranger, raped, set on fire and left for dead in a field. Incredibly, she survived. Now she tells her story to her cousin, who was sexually abused for years by her own father.

The Jury members explained that this is “a work that invites the audience to question the issues of trauma and reconstruction. Through her personal and metaphorical gaze, Argentinian author-director Laura Bari transports us into a deeply moving and universal humane story”.

The Jury also awarded a film in the short-film section. The Colombian “Palenque”, by Sebastián Pinzón Silva has been awarded by SIGNIS “for its gallery of colorful characters, followed as they wander through a discreet camera, in a village where past and present souls rub shoulders”.

The members of the SIGNIS jury were Jean-Jacques Cunnac, Nathalia Duque Cuero and Louis-Marie Soler