Milan, March, 27th, 2017 (SIGNIS). At the 27th Festival del Cinema Africano, d’Asia e America Latina in Milan, the SIGNIS Jury awarded the film Félicité, by Alain Gomis.

Félicité is a proud and independent woman who works as a singer in a bar in Kinshasa. Whenever she goes on stage, she appears to leave the world and her everyday worries behind. But then one day Félicité’s son has a terrible accident. Whilst he is in hospital she desperately tries to raise the money needed for his operation.

The jury  awarded this film because it is “full of passion and poetry, and tells the story of three extraordinary human beings. It also captures, with an irrepressible force, the sounds, the colors, the movements, the light and the nightlife of a unique city like Kinshasa.

The Jury members were Vanessa Lanari,Giuseppe Acconcia and Gaetano Liguori.