New York City, October, 27th, 2016 (SIGNIS). The SIGNIS Jury at the PLURAL+ Youth Video Festival 2016 has decided to give its award to North to South, by Coniah Pougam Mouiche (Ghana).

The Jury said that “this video exemplifies good technical direction in its use of images, sound and adapted music. North to South is unique in the way it looks at migration within a country, a reality sometimes forgotten by media and governments. Even in their own country, these migrants suffer discrimination, and cannot find the help they need.

The narration articulates the well-documented facts of the situation. The story shows the strength and the courage of the women we meet, who persist in their difficult efforts to sustain their families. North to South deals with a common situation in sub-Saharan Africa, particularly in West Africa, and all over the world. Migration within a country's borders must be understood if we want to solve international migration issues.”

The SIGNIS Jury of the PLURAL+ Youth Video Festival 2016 was composed by: Charles Ayetan (Togo), Edgar Rubio (Mexico) and Isabelle Verbrugge (Belgium).

PLURAL+ is a program of the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC), and The International Organization for Migration (IOM). UNAOC aims to bridge the world’s divides and to build trust and understanding across cultures and communities worldwide through a variety of initiatives. IOM acts together with its partners in the international community to uphold the human dignity and well being of migrants, and to advance understanding of migration issues.

SIGNIS understands that to bring about change in the world of media we have to build partnerships with those organizations that share our values. In accord with the official SIGNIS theme “Media for a Culture of Peace: Promoting Stories of Hope Through Connectivity”, the PLURAL+SIGNIS Prize helps to promote these stories of hope that the new generation is creating around the world.

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