Saarbruecken, January, 30th, 2018 (SIGNIS/INTERFILM). At the 39th Film Festival Max Ophüls Prize Saarbruecken, the Ecumenical Jury awarded its prize, endowed with € 2,500 by the Catholic and the Protestant Adult Education in the Saarland, is awarded to the German film Landrauschen (The Murmur of the Country), directed by Lisa Miller (2018).

“Landrauschen” also won the Max Ophüls Prize for the best film, and the Fritz Raff Prize for the best screenplay.

The film is about Toni, a woman returning to her home village at full throttle.  She has no more desire for Berlin and the great self-realization.  But the new start goes completely wrong.  Instead of a job as an editor she just gets an internship at the local section of the regional newspaper, and her parents take her every breath to breathe.  Through the cheerful Rosa everything suddenly seems to get a new meaning. But Toni's old restlessness returns - and the rural idyll begins to crumble.

In his motivation, the jurors said that “People are different.  Adaptation is necessary.  “To you or to me?”  A dynamic rhythm and a lot of humour create a loving kaleidoscope of all possible contrasts -- city and country, man and woman, old and young, tradition and modernity, locals and strangers, convention and courage, diverse forms of love -- and all this in Bubenhausen!  "Home is where you find yourself," says Lisa Miller in “The Murmur of the Country”.

The members of the Jury were Gerhard Alt (Germany), Bernadette Meier, (Switzerland), Martin Ostermann, (Germany) and Waltraud Verlaguet (France).