Brussels, August, 1st, 2017 (SIGNIS).  On August 15, 2017 we celebrate the centenary of the birth of Archbishop Oscar Arnulfo Romero, patron of SIGNIS.

SIGNIS joins the celebrations that will be held in his birthplace, Ciudad Barrios,in San Salvador, the capital of El Salvador,  and throughout the world to honour the life and work of this Latin American martyr.

During the whole of the month of August, we will produce a series of publications through our communication platforms on the life and ideals of Archbishop Romero.

Archbishop Oscar Arnulfo Romero, beatified by Pope Francis in 2015, is the patron of SIGNIS because of his exemplary dedication and courage in his ceaseless defence of the poor and oppressed.

Oscar Romero is an example to all communicators, as someone who lived the values he professed and was willing to give his life for them, instead of staying silent when confronted with injustice.