Turkey, November, 3rd, 2017 (SAT-7). SAT-7 is launching registration for the NETWORK 2018 conference. Don’t miss the opportunity to participate in this important event, and have an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at SAT-7’s work, 18‑20 April 2018, Antalya, Turkey.

SAT-7, a SIGNIS member, is a Christian satellite television network broadcasting in Arabic, Persian and Turkish across 25 countries in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).

In the past few years, the region has endured seemingly endless conflict and political tumult. Life has changed drastically for many – in most cases, for the worse. For this reason, Jesus’ message of hope and love is desperately needed in the MENA.

God’s saving love is the one unchanging, undying truth amid the change that is rocking the world. Witnessing to His goodness is what will build a better future. At NETWORK 2018, participants will see how SAT-7 is encouraging Christians in their faithful witness to God’s love even as the region changes around them.
Join SAT-7 at NETWORK 2018 to learn more about them, meet the producers and presenters, and pray with them as they will plan for the future in a fast-changing region.

NETWORK 2018 will be held near Antalya, Turkey. Don’t miss this opportunity to experience a fascinating country and culture while hearing about what God is doing in Turkey and across the MENA.

For registration and more information, please visit the website.