São Paulo, Brazil, December 4th, 2017 (SIGNIS-ALC). Representatives of Catholic media in Brazil evaluated the work done in 2017 and designed common projects for 2018 in a meeting with executives of SIGNIS-Brazil

In this conference held in São Paulo, at least 35 delegates of television, radio, print and media led by young people participated, to consolidate the "project of a common media agenda of SIGNIS-Brazil", under which to address "sensitive social issues for a permanent debate with society ", said the president of SIGNIS-Brazil, Joao Romanini.

"We are discovering ways to disseminate priority issues, we want to be another voice in the media, but that our expression communicates with the evangelizing and prophetic action of the Church," Romanini explained, underlining that these meetings "are a way of practicing the culture of encounter, and to favor communion".

The television stations associated with SIGNIS-Brazil, coordinated by Geizom Sokacheski, underlined that 2017 was a very productive year for Catholic producers. Among the proposals projected during the session, stand out the bet to produce information of quality, and to promote more unity and cooperation between the media of catholic inspiration.

For its part, the SIGNIS-Brazil Board of Directors evaluated the actions and progress in its different areas, as well as the meeting schedule for 2018, which includes a training meeting for SIGNIS members and the creation of a new instance for young people.

"SIGNIS-ALC develops a project for young people in Latin America and the Caribbean, coordinated by the journalist María José Centurión, who seeks to promote a permanent training program for young communicators" explains Romanini.

The coordination of the "SIGNIS-Brazil Youth" was approved during the meeting of the Board of Directors and will be in charge of Ricardo Costa Alvarenga, 25 years old, with training in Media education, and whose responsibility will be to develop communication projects and actions based on learning experiences.

During the meeting of the Catholic Radio Network (RCR), coordinated by its president Angela Morais, the challenges of migration and advances in the migration processes of AM stations to FM were addressed.

In parallel, the meeting of the Network of Catholic publications, coordinated by Osnilda Lima, took place, where "the process of common contents was evaluated and the agenda was organized for 2018" said Osnilda herself.

Luiz Henrique Marques of Ciudad Nueva Magazine was chosen as coordinator of the print sector. He said: "we hope that by next year, we will be able to gather more media and fulfill most of the proposals specified in the SIGNIS plan".

The next meetings will be held in March and November 2018, and each SIGNIS-Brazil area will hold its meetings according to their needs.