Santo Domingo, March, 6th, 2017 (SIGNIS ALC). This weekend, catholic communicators of Dominican Republic held their annual assembly, during which they accepted the new institutional statute and elected their new board. The meeting was held in the “Casa de la Juventud” in the archdiocese of Santo Domingo.

After a tied vote, the members elected the University professor Naivi Frías as the new President, replacing the journalist Nicanor Leyva.

The other members of the new boards are Tania Molina (Vicepresident), Albida Segura (General Secretary) and Amalia Contreras (Treasurer). The new communications officer is Santiago Almado, writer and professor. Joaquín Sención and Violeta Lockhart have been elected as deputy member.

The outgoing board presented the activity report, explaining in details all the activities realized by the organization, such as the participation in juries in film festivals, the creation of the network of young communicators or the participation in many events organized by SIGNIS and SIGNIS-ALC.

The new President, Naivi Frías said that she feels “very optimistic and confident in the commitment of the new team to strengthen the organization in the country”. “I can feel the support of SIGNIS and SIGNIS-ALC members. They are all very kind to me, as I already discussed with the president of SIGNIS-ALC, Carlos Ferraro and with the vice-president, María José Centurión”, she added.