Brussels, April, 10th, 2018 (SIGNIS). The World  Catholic Association for Communication, SIGNIS, celebrates today an international celebration in Leuven, Belgium, to commemorate the 90th anniversary of the establishment of associations that, once merged, forged SIGNIS: the International Catholic Office for Cinema (OCIC), the International Catholic Organization for radio and television (Unda) and the Catholic Union of the Press (UCIP), founded in 1928.

The occasion will also be a reason to remember the legacy of three key pioneers of Catholic communication: Father Abel Brohee, Mgr Jean Bernard and Mgr Jacques Haas; who, with their communicative and human leadership, have laid the foundations for the consolidation of associations of Catholic communicators.

In particular, the location of this international celebration will be the Rerum Novarum hall at former Leo XIII Seminar, in Leuven, where Father Brohée lived and taught history and philosophy.

The Board of SIGNIS, which meets this week in Brussels, will attend this celebration during which SIGNIS President, Helene Osman (United States), Guido Convents (Belgium), Theo Péporté (Luxembourg), André Kolly (Switzerland) and Lieven Boes (Belgium) will have a few words.

During the event, the SIGNIS International Merit Award will also be presented for the first time, to the Catholic communicator Casimir Goossens, first treasurer of SIGNIS and Director of public radio and television in Flanders (Belgium).

With this event, SIGNIS celebrates, in agreement with its members and with the Catholic communicators of the five continents, 90 years of integration and development of a communication network that aimed to sow hope, peace and justice in the world.