Quito, June 13th, 2017 (SIGNIS-ALC). The ordinary assembly of SIGNIS-Argentina was held this Saturday, June 10, in Buenos Aires, around the theme of the message of Pope Francis on the occasion of the 51st world day of social communications: Communicating hope and trust in our time. The assembly, coordinated by Isabel Gatti and Miguel Monforte - president and vice president of the Argentinean organization, saw the inauguration of the new headquarters in Buenos Aires.

The words of Pope Francisco led to reflections and exchanges on media actualities in Argentina and Latin America. The event took place in a climate of reciprocity which reinforced the sense of community among the brothers who share a common project with multiple nuances, typical of the various professional and cultural circuits.

Participants also worked on the participation of SIGNIS Argentina in the field of public policy, participation in SIGNIS-ALC and interaction with other partners on the continent. Participation in CONACAI, the Advisory Council for Audiovisual and Children's Communication, was discussed.

In the afternoon, the project Cine Mundo Chico was discussed. This project is one of the association's most important media education activities.

As expected, the steering committee presented the financial statement and the activity report, approved unanimously.