Hungary, November 16th, 2017 (Faludi festival). With more than 230 short films from 30 countries, a record number of films were submitted to the 21st Faludi International Non-Professional Youth Film Festival and Photo Competition 2017.

The call has gained a great international interest, as many young people applied for the competition from South Korea through Argentina to Germany in order to share their point of views on what ’The Other” means for them.

As in previous years, the call was also opened for amateur photographers in parallel with the film competition. Around 140 photos were juried by László Haris (Balogh Rudolf prized photographer, member of the Hungarian Art Academy, and nomited for Prima Primissima prize), Nóra Bege (photographer and art therapist) and Ákos Pilló (photographer).

Under the guidance of Árpád Sopsits (Balázs Béla prized director, scriptwriter), Zsuzsanna Bányai (animation filmmaker) and Francisco Gózon (Balázs Béla prized cameraman), the selected films will be screened on 17-18 November at ART+Cinema (Budapest, Hungary). The work of the jury will be helped by Ákos Lázár Kovács (director of the Communication Institute of Pázmány Péter Catholic University, and president of SIGNIS Europe).

During the festival, not only will the competitive films be showed, but also the non-competitive movies within the framework of informative programmes The selected photos on the topic of „The Other” will also be exhibited in the House of Dialogue – which is the cultural and spiritual centre of the Hungarian Jesuit Province – until the end of November.

Beyond promoting the dialogue between the different cultures and religions through visual materials, it is also an important aim of the festival to create a special forum for those amateur filmmakers and photographers who have started to discover the world of film and photography but who have not had a chance to demonstrate their work yet.

The festival is a great opportunity for them to meet each other as well as professionals and to exchange their views and experiences.

The program is opened without fee, registration or age limit. The festival will end with a Prize Giving Ceremony on 18 November where amateur filmmakers, student filmmakers and photographers will be prized separately. The winner films will be screened in front of the audience again.

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The festival is supported by the National Cultural Fund and sponsors.