Brussels, June 7, 2014 (SIGNIS) - The Board of Directors of SIGNIS, the World Catholic Association for Communication, meeting in Brussels from 1 to 6 June 2014, has chosen the theme "Media for a Culture of Peace: Promoting Stories of Hope through Connectivity", to guide the work of the association for the next three years.

Under the leadership of new SIGNIS President Gustavo Andújar, and Vice-Presidents Frank Frost and LJ Sinniah, the meeting focused on the achievements and the perspectives offered by the SIGNIS World Congress 2014 in Rome. The Board assessed the findings of the SIGNIS Future Search conference and various international projects, to come up with a new global strategy for SIGNIS and a new theme for 2014-2017: "Media for a Culture of Peace: Promoting Stories of Hope through Connectivity".

The new theme means that SIGNIS wants to build a global culture of peace by conveying hope in the context of the new digital culture. It also hints at a revised communication strategy based on the achievements of SIGNIS members and a better use of the social media and networks.

The members of the Board also reviewed the work and renewed the vision of the SIGNIS “desks”. The Board appointed new Chairs for the desks: Gustavo Andújar for the Cinema desk, Frank Frost for the TV Desk and LJ Sinniah for the Media Education desk. Bernadette Widiandajani and Pierre Murray were respectively named Chairs of the new Radio and Journalism desks.

The meeting in Brussels was the first of the new Board elected during the Assembly of Delegates in Rome. It was the opportunity for the Board members to visit the office and meet the staff of the General Secretariat. They also visited the city of Leuven, near Brussels, and particularly K-DOC, the organisation that hosts the SIGNIS, Unda and OCIC archives.

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