Chennai, February, 22nd, 2017 (Sumit Dhanraj). SIGNIS India National Assembly 2017 and Seminar on "Communicating Hope and Trust in our Times" is now taking place in Chennai. Participants from all over India gather together for this grandiose event at DBICA -Citadel, Chennai. The event is going to continue until 23rd February.

The programme started on February 20th, with the Holy Mass presided by Vicar General of Mylapore archdiocese Rev. Fr S.J. Anthonysamy. He spoke on the importance and communicating role of the Media. He said, "Media guide the world and shape the world." While talking to the group of religious participating in the seminar, he highlighted that the holy Bible is a media per se. He said that we see in the Old Testament, God the Father speaking to people of God and in the New Testament, its Jesus Christ. This is the true example of communication. "Jesus communicates the value of hope and trust", he added.

The inauguration session had the presence of SIGNIS President, Mr. Gustavo Andujar from Cuba. His message focused on the importance of promoting stories of hope and trust on the special occasion of the 51st Communication Day. He highlighted the Pope Francis' World Communication message. He also said that SIGNIS is its members, and that they make it active and alive.

In his keynote address, Mr. Sasi Kumar, Chairman of Asian College of Journalism and Founder, Asianet, spoke on the essential function of the media. He talked about the truthful representation of news by media. The seminar participants were enlightened by him as he shared about organized religion and mainstream media. He also asked the group to draw a line between "Popular and Populist". He explained various issues in a simple manner, namely; cultural relativism, agenda setting by media, dominance of religion, identity politics. He asked participants to be thinking communicators in the future and drew everybody's attention on taking the roads less travelled.

The event is going to continue with enlightening programmes, talks and cultural extravaganza.