Latin America, November 22nd, 2017 (SIGNIS ALC) - With the first virtual meeting, the SIGNIS ALC Joven (SIGNIS-ALC Youth) training program began, with the participation of the national coordinators of this project in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Cuba , Ecuador, Mexico, Paraguay, Dominican Republic and Venezuela.

Precisely, SIGNIS ALC Youth seeks to become a space for exchanging knowledge and experiences; in a process that seeks the permanent training of social leaders in the field of communication.

On the opening day, the president of SIGNIS-ALC, Carlos Ferraro, welcomed the interest and commitment of the young coordinators of the various partners in initiating this training program and stressed that the project aims to encourage a process of reflection on Christian spirituality, on social and ethical commitment, to act with professional excellence in society, especially in relation to the oppressed and excluded, to be "contemplative in action and in prayer from the centrality of love."

For her part, the vice president of SIGNIS-ALC, María José Centurión, who coordinates the training program for young communicators, stressed that the project seeks to encourage young Catholic communicators to critically understand the social, cultural and economic reality of Latin America and the Caribbean, from a deep and committed Christian reading, under the inspiration of the encyclical "Laudato si", as a framework of communicational and educational work, which promotes the care of the common home.

The SIGNIS-ALC Youth project wants to retake the impetus that the organizations and associations of young journalists and communicators linked to the church had, in the sense of promoting new professional leaderships of communication to influence the Sociocultural processes of the countries of Latin America, and thus to achieve the transformation and social change, with special care of the new intercultural contexts of the present century.

The SIGNIS ALC Youth project will be directed by the Chilean communicator Jaime Carril, who explained details of the training program that aims to train leaders who favor a society more aware of its rights and duties with and towards others, who have an active and positive critical stance and who questions and at the same time uses their citizenship, in order to favor a wider and deeper democracy in the continent.

This programme will include an intensive training programme, with virtual and face-to-face activities, from November 2017 to January 2019, under the inspiration of "Laudato Si". In the way of this process, the young leaders of each associate who integrate this training initiative, will become correspondents of the World Youth Day Panama 2019, and, simultaneously, they will promote the multiplication of what they have learned, in the network of young people from your local SIGNIS associates.