Khartoum, May, 18th, 2017 (UNESCO). Safety training for female journalists was organized in Wad Madani, Algezira state, Sudan. The training session was conducted by the Sudanese Journalists Union under the auspices of the Governor of the Algezira State, Dr. Mohammed Eltaher Eila – with support of the International Programme for Developing Communications (IPDC) and Khartoum office of UNESCO. Twenty-four women-journalists were trained – from Algezira, Sennar and Blue Nile states of Sudan. This was a second training of the series initiated by UNESCO and IPDC. First training took place in Khartoum in the end of February.

In the first session of the training, the role of UNESCO in empowering women’s in the journalism and press sector was highlighted. Then an introduction about the occupational safety program for women journalists was given followed by the importance the United Nations Plan of Action and how to adopt it. The trainers explained to the participated journalists the importance of the safety triangle (the triple pyramid, physical, psychological and digital safety and the importance of maintaining digital security, information and data at the professional and personal levels).

On the second day, the trainees received practical training on preparation for departures, reasons for selecting the departure bag and requirements to its content, and their containment of all the necessary requirements. The journalists then exchanged the experiences they acquired through their work in their localities.

On the third day, the participants further learned different types of dangers and traumas, how to deal with risks which are usual for female journalists, how to avoid an abduction, how better self-present at check-points and in other similar situations. Trainees were familiarized with the UNESCO guide on Journalist Safety. They made practical exercises treating risk situations, looked at real cases of their practice, and concluded lessons learned.

In the closing session, the participants received their certificates from hands of the Governor of the Algezira State, Dr. Mohammed Eltaher Eila, State Minister of Culture and Information, Prof. Inam Hassan and the President of Sudanese Journalism Union, Mr. Alsadiq Alrizagi.