Dhaka, April, 4th , 2017 (BNNRC). Six community radio stations in Bangladesh have developed and broadcasted a special radio program to increase community awareness on Tuberculosis issues on the occasion of World TB Day.

The activity was implemented under the coordination of the Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio and communication (BNNRC) and with the support of the Challenge TB project of Management Sciences for Health (MSH).

The Program aimed to aware the rural community on Tuberculosis issues through broadcasting magazine and talk show to share accurate information on service provider, service center and getting expert opinion.

The Community radio stations have designed a 40-45 minutes radio program in two segments: the first was a magazine program covering report, vox-pops, interview, promo, public service announcement (PSA) and drama. The second segment was a live talk show. The talk shows were moderated by experienced and credible community broadcasters. The programs were aired on prime time and repeated in the following day.   

Through the program, around .5 million  the community people informed  the  present situation of TB in Bangladesh  as well  as local situation, the causes and symptoms of the disease, the steps of the treatment and the available services provided by the government and non-governmental organizations.