Ouagadougou, November 9th, 2017 (SSR). Recently, Father Fabrizio Colombo mccj, Director of SIGNIS Services Rome (SSR), went to Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, as part of the launch of the technical project “Network of Catholic Radios” of Burkina Faso (RCB, for its French acronym).

Funded by the Committee and Service for Charitable Action in the Third World of the Episcopal Conference of Italy, this project of ​​the Bishops' Conference of Burkina Faso was conceived and presented to the donors with the technical support of the new "Project development” department of SSR which, in collaboration with CREC International, provides training for local managers in project management, and the necessary support for implementing them.

The aim of the RCB project is to create a common expression framework for the whole Church family of Burkina Faso and to meet the needs of all parties, such as the costs of the radio productions, the need to build the capacities synergy of the existing means of communication, but also the need to meet the pastoral challenges in a dynamic country, increasingly proselytized, and in full democratic transition after a long period of dictatorship.

Technically, it involves the networking, around a new radio station in Ouagadougou, of 14 Catholic radios located in the different dioceses of Burkina.

The network will use multicast technology as well as a (cloud) databank, which will allow the radio stations to securely share the files of their broadcasts. This will also allow members to benefit from them by making the download and the podcast easy.

The RCB project has been designed with a long-term perspective. Indeed, to ensure its sustainability, the Bishops of Burkina create a parallel revenue generating activity, giving some of the radios technological instruments that will allow them to offer paid services. It is a network of multiservice internet cafés, that will be located around the various interdiocesan radios. At first, 7 internet cafés, out of a total of 14, will be open.

All this will be managed by ArcbNet, a satellite social enterprise whose purpose is to create value for its users and make the interdiocesan radio network project sustainable.

Like the network of Catholic Radios in Burkina, ArcbNet, will be under the aegis of the Episcopal Commission of Social Communications of Burkina.