“I have a dream” Martin Luther King

Now that we are celebrating 500 years of Utopia, the work in which St Thomas More depicted an equal society with no private property, a good number of mainstream media –through film and TV sagas– are creating an image of a dystopian future that we feel we are building.

This issue of SIGNIS Media focuses on several initiatives from the worlds of journalism and entertainment that try to help us make sense of and give a social context to the news, and to have a different attitude towards it. We report also about a news agency of indigenous peoples in Peru, a community radio station building peace in Senegal, and a network of reporters of hope in France. And we review Human, a documentary that looks us in the face and challenges stereotypes. All these experiences have a common goal, to help our societies grow in equality, justice and solidarity in a future that was dreamt of by the leader of the civil rights movement who received the Nobel Peace Prize 52 years ago.

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