Luanda, January 16th, 2018 (RFI). In Angola, the Church welcomes President Lourenço's decision to allow Radio Ecclesia, a catholic radio station, to broadcast nationwide. For now, Radio Ecclesia could only be captured in the Angolan capital. This decision marks a rapprochement between Luanda and the Church, which has sometimes been opposed to the power in place.

This was a message that pleased Catholics at Joao Lourenço's first press conference earlier this week in Luanda. Radio Ecclesia will be authorized everywhere in Angola, and not only in the capital. "This is the radio of a Church that we consider serious," he said. Broadening the diffusion will help us, perhaps, to curb the proliferation of sects that have appeared in our country in recent years. "

For the spokesman of the Episcopal Conference of Angola, Bishop José Manuel Imbaba, it is the end of a "great injustice". "I welcome the decision of the President of the Republic and congratulate him for his political courage," he said. Now it's up to us to roll up our sleeves and do the right thing for the voice of the Church to be heard across the country. "

The green light given to Radio Ecclesia is all the more significant as the Church has sometimes been critical of the power. The bishops have already supported, in a pastoral letter, that Angolans could only "dream", 40 years after independence, of a country "prosperous, democratic and without corruption".