Quito, March 20, 2018 (SIGNIS Ecuador). SIGNIS-Ecuador, the Association for Catholic Communication in Ecuador, was created on May 23, 2003, when several communicators of Christian and Catholic inspiration decided to meet and organize themselves to dream and move forward together to contribute to the building of a society of justice and fraternity, starting from communication.

For 15 years, SIGNIS Ecuador has been trying to consolidate the work carried out by the common commitment of its members, guided by the objective of promoting a more human and spiritual communication.

It has not always been easy, but SIGNIS Ecuador has always overcome the difficulties to continue its missions to provoke a fruitful dialogue between the various actors of the world of communication, to promote the rights to communication and the democratization of communication.

In full harmony with the Pastoral Instruction Aetatis novae, which in paragraph 15 states that " It is not acceptable that the exercise of the freedom of communication should depend upon wealth, education, or political power. The right to communicate is the right of all.” and that " This calls for special national and international efforts, not only to give those who are poor and less powerful access to the information which they need for their individual and social development, but to ensure that they are able to play an effective, responsible role in deciding media content and determining the structures and policies of their national institutions of social communications” (AN, 15), SIGNIS Ecuador has deployed its best efforts to defend the right to communicate.

Thus, since its creation, the organization has played an important role in the debate to achieve the inclusion of the right to communication, both in the Constitution and in the Organic Law, as suggested in the same Instruction of Pastoral Communication, declaring that "the Church for its part must urge respect for the right to communicate, including its own right of access to media".

SIGNIS Ecuador also works in the field of education and training through various courses and workshops at the Monsignor Leonidas Proaño Training Center, and many members of the association participate in SIGNIS juries at international film festivals.

SIGNIS Ecuador also created the Carlos Crespi Award: the National Award for Communication, which recognizes the efforts of journalists and the media to promote the values ​​of Christian humanism, the defense of life and Creation through different communication products.